Slots Bonuses Free Spins No Deposit UK 2018

Free spins, also known as extra spins in the UK, are a promotion used by new online casinos to attract players or when casinos incorporate new slot games and want to make them popular slots, they give away free spins as a bonus?.

What kinds of free spins can we find?
At first, you must know the difference between all kind of free spins we can find in online casinos. Here we detail them briefly:

Free spins for registration

There are casinos that instead of offering us a no deposit bonus offer, they offer free spins. In some cases, the casino will select the games in which you can use them.

Free spins for a new slot game

When the casinos incorporate new casino game to their library and want to make them known, they usually give their users free games to try it out. The rollover of these rolls will focus on the winnings. That is, the money that we generate with these free spins, we will have to play it as many times as the casino require.

Bonus Rounds

Many online slots provide extra spins, called bonus rounds, and they have activated in case the correct symbols appear on the reels and create the appropriate combination that will reward us with them. The benefit of these turns will not be linked to any rollover, and the winnings will be paid in real money. For this type of slot game, we are not playing with bonus money.

Free spins deposit offer

When we deposit in an online casino, some casinos will reward us with free spins as part of the promotion.

Differences between free spins and bonus rounds

The main difference between both types of turns, is based on the fact that the bonus rounds will be automatically activated within the game, once we have found the right combination, in addition, everything you win while you are playing will be real benefits (as long as you are not playing with bonus money).

However, with the free spins for registration or special promotions that casinos give us, they will be linked to a rollover that we will have to comply with, which means that you can not withdraw the money earned immediately, but if you manage it well It can be an excellent opportunity to win money without having to bet real money. This opportunity should never be wasted.

What should I keep in mind about free spins?

Each bonus comes with a series of specifications that we must take into account. For this reason, our first advice is that before you start playing, you are well informed about the promotion terms and conditions.
The majority of the turns are usually linked to some betting requirements that we must meet if we want to generate real profit.
Check before starting to play what is the expiration date of the bonus, the maximum amount of winnings released to the bonus, and the type of bet you should use when playing with them.

The free bonuses like 50 or 100 free spins starburst no deposit bonuses, are bonded in which it is not necessary to make a deposit, since you can play immediately with a start balance offered by the online casino, without having to make any previous investment.

These casinos are the most visited and favourite by the players, only because you can try playing the slots games without running any risk.

You must bear in mind, that this money you will not be able to extract it without more, probably they are bound to an endless list of conditions that we will have to fulfil before being able to turn it into real money, so our advice is that before using any, you are well informed of which are their terms and conditions, since depending on the casino and the bonus, the requirements of no deposit bonus required will vary.

On the internet, there are more and more online casinos that offer no deposit bonus for exclusive offers. The new slot sites usually provide their players the best bonuses, so they consistently get new players, and probably some stay and end up making deposits with real money.

How to get free bonuses?

Getting one of these free bonuses is very easy, we need to choose the casino and create a new user account. It is essential that when you sign up, you fill in your data exactly as they appear on your identity document since, in the case of being erroneous and obtaining profits after having released the bonus, you will not be able to withdraw them since the casinos with these terms are very strict.

It is important to warn about double registrations or false accounts. You can only open an account to get a free bonus. If you open multiple accounts, you will not be able to back down and even if you have won something in this second account.

What requirements I must meet to release a free voucher?

The free bonuses must meet the terms and conditions in order to make some profit:

Rollover bonus

Is the amount of times we must play the amount of the bonus, before converting the bonus into profits. Within the rollover, not all games will contribute in the same way. In all the bonds you will find the specifications and the contribution of each one.

Time to play to get the bonus

Will be the period we have to meet these requirements if the time end and we didn’t comply all the terms, the winnings and the bonus will be cancelled.

Maximum amount

Most of the bonds have a minimum deposit limit, in case we have fulfilled all the requirements, and we have converted the bonus into profits, there will be a maximum of earnings that we can charge and that usually are not very high (between € 50 and € 100) depending on the casino.

Here you will find a complete list with all the updated free bonuses. We strive every day to offer our users the best bonuses and promotions, so if you do not want to miss any, please follow us.


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